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It’s no secret that Europe has a number of toll roads, that when traveling distances can become expensive. Italy is no exception to this.


Therefore, with time on our hands, and in an effort to conserve funds, we made the decision to take the long route and head down to Santa Margherita Ligure via the secondary roads.

Our decision pays off.

We came across this gem – called The Sanctuary of Vicoforte and I literally was speechless upon entering. Never had I came across such beauty, such colour, and vibrancy. All I could do was look, jaw dropped, mouth open and eyes wide.

It’s one of those experiences that will stay with me forever. The pictures, while beautiful, will never do this justice.

Avoiding the toll roads has never been so rewarding as it was today.

If you are in the region, please take a look at this – you won’t be disappointed.  This is a Spectacular Basilica in Northern Italy, The Sanctuary of Vicoforte.

Here’s a little history according to Wikipedia:
The Sanctuary of Vicoforte is a monumental church located in the commune of Vicoforte, province of Cuneo, Piedmont, northern Italy. It is known for having the largest elliptical cupola in the world.

It originated as a small medieval sanctuary, consisting of a modest shrine containing a fifteenth-century fresco depicting a Madonna and Child. … Today the arquebus is preserved in a chapel of the sanctuary near the fresco which it had disfigured. In time the place became a centre of pilgrimage.

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