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Morocco by Motorhome eBook

So Morocco is on your radar to visit by Motorhome?  If you want to escape the cold English or European winter and stay out of the Schengen countries, then Morocco is absolutely PERFECT!!!

There’s always a sense of trepidation when visiting a new country for the first time, let alone a new continent.

Let me reassure you Morocco is a safe place to visit and you will wonder why you didn’t go there sooner.

So make sure you get your FREE eBook here by clicking the image below.

In this book we share all of the following:

  1. Tips on what you need to know before you travel
  2. How to overcome culture shock
  3. Language tips in French and Arabic to get you through
  4. Understanding the currency
  5. Moroccan food and what to stock up on beforehand
  6. The different costs of various items you are likely to purchase
  7. Our experience of the 27 different towns we visited
  8. Map of our tour
  9. A table of places we stayed the night (alphabetically including GPS coordinates, services offered and costs)
  10. The actual cost for our nine weeks in Morocco!

Plus lots more information and fun stories about our experience of this wonderful country.

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If you would like a general, quick-read, overview of Morocco, click here.

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Please let us know how your trip went and if there are any updates we should consider in our book.  Thanks and safe travels. 

We love comments, so please drop us a comment below.  They keep us inspired to know someone is reading our stuff, so then we will write more.  


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