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Our Maps – Overnight Parking Around Europe

Where We Have Been and Stayed

The maps on this page show the places that we have stayed on our travels around Europe in our motorhome ‘Betsy’.  You can display them in full screen mode to see details including the GPS Coordinates, notes about the location and available services, and some photos.

The great majority of the spots are free parking or wild camping locations, however some are paid parking areas and there is the odd actual camping ground.

Although we found some of these spots ourselves, the majority have come from various Apps, such as Park4Night, and many have come from databases, blogs and maps shared by other motorhomers.

Wherever you park, please respect the environment, leave the area as clean (or cleaner) as when you arrived, and share your information with the motorhoming community so everyone can benefit.

Please note that just because we were able to stop there with no problems does not mean that it is available, legal and safe for anyone to park their camper there overnight at any time.  In some cases, we were outside the busy season and local regulations were not being enforced.  At other spots, we were maybe a little cheeky and were at risk of being moved on.  Obviously, everyone needs to make their own decision as to whether to stop or not.  Our blog on ‘How to Safely and Successfully Wildcamp’ gives some good tips on all aspects of wildcamping.

We hope you get to stay in some of the beautiful spots that we have enjoyed.

Italy (including Sicily)

We enjoyed three stints in this wonderful country, the first was for about three months after we picked up our motorhome ‘Betsy’ near Turin, Italy in June 2017.  We travelled south to the Italian Riviera, then north again to take a leisurely tour around Laggio Maggiore (Lake Maggiore), one of the largest of the Italian lakes, which extends into Switzerland.  

We returned to Italy in March 2018 on a ferry from Greece and turned south to the fascinating island of Sicily, where we travelled anticlockwise experiencing some wonderful sights and food.  Sicily prior to the high season, was wonderfully easy to free camp around however finding fresh water was occasionally challenging.  After Sicily, we headed to the East coast of Italy where the highlight was visiting the sovereign state of San Marino.

In 2019, Italy was again in our sights as we visited Tuscany, the region around Venice then the spectacular Dolomite mountains.  Coming back to Italy feels almost like coming home.  It was here that we started our motorhoming life and we know enough of the language to get by.  Overall, Italy is very motorhome friendly, with just a few places where finding free parking can be a problem.

Explore our Map and see some of the wonderful places we have been to.

Greece (including Crete)

Greece has to be high on our list of favourite places due to the relaxed lifestyle for motorhomers, the wonderful ancient buildings, the history that stares you in the face around every corner, and the relatively low costs of living for us full-timers. We have written a blog here, which summaries our journey and our experiences.

We came to Greece twice in 2017, then spent the winter of 2017/2018 in the relative warmth of the Peloponnese region and the island of Crete.  We have written a detailed blog here which summarises our experiences and feelings, as well as the costs for us to be there.

There were so many stunningly beautiful spots which we were able to enjoy and part of this was that much of our time there was in the quiet season, where the holiday hot spots are virtually deserted, the tavernas, hotels and restaurants are closed and boarded up for winter and the roads are quiet.  Although the sea was too cold for swimming we reckon the freedom, peace and space made up for that.  Southern Greece in the winter remains a very fond memory for us.

Enjoy our parking locations and please pick up some of the rubbish you will find around you.  If not you, then who?

France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany

At this stage, we haven’t spent a lot of time in any of these countries so our stopping places are all on one Map.  All of our stopping places were free with the exception of some in the Netherlands.

We loved France for the pretty countryside and the vast number of free or low cost Aires set up specifically for motorhomes.

Our visit to Belgium was fleeting but the night we spent in the gorgeous ancient town of Ghent made us want to return when we have more time.

The weather in the Netherlands was not great and the apparently strict enforcement of the no wild camping regulations made us a little uneasy – because that is what we normally do.  We were however, able to find some free overnight spots.  Amsterdam is a ‘must visit’ for everyone.

We only passed through Germany as we were on a tight schedule but as with France, they have a great infrastructure called ‘Stellplätze’, for motorhomers to stay.  Some have all services, some have none, some are free, some are paid and there are books, Apps and websites that help you to find what you are looking for.

After our time in Scandinavia, we passed again through these countries but took a different route.  Several of our stops were with people we had met on our travels which is one of the advantages of being friendly and open to new friends as you travel.

Scandinavia 2018

Our travels through Scandinavia took us up through Denmark, and across on the ferry to Gothenburg, Sweden.  From here we traveled up the West coast as far as the lovely town of Bovallstrand, where we stayed with a lovely Swedish couple we met on the road in Pylos, Greece last winter.  We then traveled across Sweden enjoying some beautiful lakeside stopping places and swimming before arriving in the stunning city of Stockholm.  Getting into and around Stockholm, while avoiding their congestion charging regime was interesting but manageable as long as you take the time to understand the applicable times and congestion zone.

We found a great overnight place a short cycle ride from the centre of Stockholm and really enjoyed our visit.  Our next destination was Finland and we had a choice to take a direct ferry to Turku or Helsinki, or take a slower more leisurely crossing via ferries, bridges and causeways across the Aland Islands.  As we had time, we chose the Aland Island route and absolutely loved it.

From the Alands, we continued across to Finland through Turku and into Helsinki, and after an enjoyable few days exploring, we left Betsy at a camping ground and travelled by ferry to St Petersburg, Russia where the visa-free arrangement allows you a 72 hour stay in a city which surely has some of the most magnificent buildings in the world.

We progressed up Finland, enjoying the resplendent autumn colours and free-camping opportunities and crossed into Norway near Tromso, in the north.  On that day we experience glorious sun on the legendary Norwegian scenery, an amazing sunset over the ocean at Ersfjordbotn, and a stupendous display of the Northern Lights at Grotfjord.

The fabled Lofoten Islands were our next stopping point and the scene for the most spectacular landscapes that we were to see.  The early dusting of snow, the residual autumn blaze of colour and the striking topography just took our breaths away time and time again.

With the impending winter approaching, and our lack of winter tyres or snow chains, we had to decide how long to stay in Norway.  We eventually left because we became tired of the very cold temperatures and wanted some warm sun.  

On our route back, we enjoyed the sights of Copenhagen, although by this time it was so cold,  that cycling around was becoming less than enjoyable and the short daylight hours limited our exploring time. 

Spain and Portugal 2018 / 2019

We gratefully escaped the cold of the impending Scandinavian winter and arrived in Spain to much warmer conditions.  The east coast was a pleasure with warm weather, great food and lots of places to free camp.  We spent a leisure couple of months here then crossed over to Morocco for February and March.  After crossing back to Spain we then meandered up through Portugal before enjoying a too-brief few days in the north of Spain. 

We loved our time in Spain and will return as soon as we can. 

Morocco 2019


We arrived in Tangier Med after taking the ferry from Algeciras (Spain).  Due to the late departure of the ferry (entirely normal), and the long customs and immigration processes in Morocco, we stayed the first night at the port.  We then set a course almost south through the Atlas Mountains to Merzouga and the Sahara desert.  Staying mainly in camping grounds and guarded parking we enjoyed the amazing scenery, friendly people and low cost of this beautiful country. 

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