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 Motorhome Electronics

The electrical and electronic items that you can buy can make your life easier and more enjoyable but also make your motorhome heavier, require more electricity and lighten your wallet.

On this page, you will find items which many of us would rate as extremely useful or even essential.   We have many of them ourselves and they have earned their space in our motorhome. 

If you click on any of the links on these pages and buy any of the products then we will earn a small commission, however, you will still get the same great low Amazon price and service so it’s a win-win as far as we can see.

Huawei 5577 Portable MiFi Device

Insert a valid SIM card and you can get several phones/computers connected to the internet.  Plug in an external booster aerial for a better signal.

NextBase 612GW

Dash Cam

We wanted a dash cam that could record accidents but also provide stunning 4K video of our travels, We were not disappointed with the Nextbase 612GW.

Garmin 770LMT Camper

We wouldn’t be without our Garmin that stores our motorhome dimensions and keeps us away from places our moho shouldn’t drive.  Easy to use and packed with information and points of interest.

UE Roll 2

Bluetooth Speaker

We have had one of these since Day 1 which lets us listen to our music and TV in superb quality.  Tough, long charge life and portable. A must have for us.