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 Motorhome Inside Bits

One lesson that can be hard to learn is that a motorhome is not a house and you cannot keep stuffing more and more kit into it.  You will soon run out of space and payload. 

On this page, you will find items which many of us would rate as extremely useful or even essential.   We have many of them ourselves and they have earned their space in our motorhome. 

If you click on any of the links on these pages and buy any of the products then we will earn a small commission, however, you will still get the same great low Amazon price and service so it’s a win-win as far as we can see.

Karcher WV1 Window Vacuum

We use this every day during the winter  to quickly remove condensation from inside the windows or instantly demist the windscreen before we drive off. There is a full review of this product here.

Collapsible Dish Drainer

Wash you dishes up in this to avoid putting food waste into your grey water and encouraging bad pongs. These are so compact, useful and cheap that they are one of those essential items for any motorhome .

Portable Water Container

We always carry at least 20 litres of spare water so we are free to stay where we want.  A 10 litre container is an ideal size to fetch and carry water and the small outlet makes it easy to pour into a funnel to top up your tank or fill another container.