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 Motorhome Outside Bits

The extra outside bits that you can buy fall somewhere along the personals usefulness and value spectrum.  Something that seems almost essential for one motorhomer, could be a total waste of money, space and payload for another.

On this page, you will find items which many of us would rate as extremely useful or even essential.   We have many of them ourselves and they have earned their space in our motorhome. 

If you click on any of the links on these pages and buy any of the products then we will earn a small commission to help fund our wayward life on the road, however, you will still get the same great low Amazon price and service so it’s a win-win as far as we can see.

Portable Washing Machine

We do not rely on laundromats or being in campgrounds to get our washing done.  This runs off our inverter or an EHU and works extremely well.

950i Generator

A light, compact and inexpensive generator to keep you powered up if the sun doesn’t shine.  This has allowed us to keep wild camping and save money by not paying for camping grounds.

Fiamma Awning Tie Downs

This tie-down strap system locks into the frame of your awning and attaches to strong springs and pegs to hold it down in all but the strongest winds.