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 Motorhome Safety and Security

When travelling away from home, whether just to a neighbouring town or somewhere halfway across the world, your traditional house with strong doors, locked windows and burglar alarms is left behind.  Motorhomes and their occupants can be vulnerable to theft or injury and a wise motorhomer considers their security.

Security starts with being realistic and aware that you may be a target and you need to take precautions to reduce your chances of being a victim.

The main areas you should consider are:

  • Be careful about where you park during the day and overnight
  • Make your motorhome less attractive to thieves by having obvious visual deterrents such as external locks, and alarm stickers
  • Have external locks, and strap or chain your cab doors together to make it harder for thieves to gain entry
  • Have loud alarms inside and outside cab to attract attention and scare thieves away if they do break in
  • Have good internal security by locking all valuables away in a safe or hiding them extremely well
  • Have a reputable tracker system in case your motorhome is actually stolen.

We have also included some important items in this section that will help to keep you and your investment safe.

Fiamma External Door Locks

Most thieves are opportunists who take advantage of a chance to whip in and clear out something of value.  The first step in deterring thieves from even trying their luck is too make it hard for them to get into through your habitation door or garage doors.  These Fiamma deadlocks work very well and are such a low cost you would be mad not to have them or something similar.

Sleep Safe Window Alarms

These small, but effective window alarms are intended to alert you if someone forces open a window or habitation door while you are asleep in your motorhome. They are highly visible from the outside so are a great deterrent.  I recommend them if you don’t have an effective alarm system, with integrated window sensors, that you can set on while you are asleep.

Fiamma Awning Tie Downs

Extending out your awning gives you more living space, and some cover from the sun. However, in a strong wind your awning acts like a giant sail and can then become something a lot more dangerous and potentially costly. This tie-down strap system is designed to lock into the frame of your awning and attach it to springs and pegs which will keep the awning in moderate winds.

TyrePal Tyre Monitor

A high speed blow out is one of a motorhomers biggest fears. Being stranded is a remote location with a flat tyre is another. A lot of motorhomes don’t have spare tyres these days and in any case changing the wheel on a motorhome is probably beyond the ability of most of us. The TyrePal system will alert you to a slow leak or a sudden loss of pressure so you can get it fixed or at least reduce your speed safely.