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Motorhome Essentials and Extras

On these pages, you will find a lot of the ‘good stuff’ that can make your motorhoming life easier, safer and more enjoyable.  As every motorhomer knows, setting up your moho involves a whole series of choices about what you want against what you can afford to buy, store and carry around with you.  What you think you ‘need’ and don’t need as you start off will change as you experience life on the road.  Whether you are full-time, stay mainly in camping grounds or prefer to ‘wild’ or free camp also influences the stuff you squeeze into your pride and joy.

If you click on any of the links on these pages and buy any of the products then we will earn a small commission however, you will still get the same great low Amazon price and service so it’s a win-win as far as we can see.

Why should you shop with Amazon?

We have bought a fair amount of stuff off Amazon while travelling full time on the road and can usually find the same products at a lower price than locally available.  We arrange to have them sent to an address we expect to be at and use their excellent tracking system to keep in touch with our delivery.  Amazon has some cunning delivery options available in many countries which make it even easier to catch up with your goodies.