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We have just reconciled our accounts for the last six months of traveling through Europe in our Motorhome and we are happy to share these with you. Alan and I are a married couple, traveling from New Zealand with no children or pets. We arrived in Rome on 17th June 2017 and our reconciliation goes until 16th December 2017, ie six months. We collected our brand new Motorhome on 29th June from Genola, Italy.

Our request, in return, is if you know your costs, and you are happy to share these with us (we understand everyone isn’t) then we’d love to see how we compare in an effort to improve our spending habits or convince each other to spend more (hardly)!

We can guarantee that these figures have been checked thoroughly, not only to each receipt (we keep every receipt ever given), and record our expenses as they happen daily on an app, but we have also reconciled our expenses in our Excel Spreadsheet to each of our bank accounts that we are using while traveling.

On our spreadsheet we record the date, the store name (where possible given the language barriers), the location of the transaction, the category (eg groceries, diesel, telephone/internet, etc) and the amount spent.

When sharing this information it is also important to know where we have been traveling to, as countries differ in costs. In the last six months we have spent money in the following countries; Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, and Turkey.

We often see others sharing their costs, usually to show how ‘little’ they spend. Quite often I can easily see things that have been missed that I know people spend (I’ve been advising people on their budget for years and know this to be true).

I believe these figures may surprise you, they surprised us, but I can guarantee these are possibly the most accurate figures you will ever find on the true cost of living in a motorhome.

Here’s our Expenses in Euros. These figures exclude Motorhome purchase, setup costs (it was a brand new motorhome so needed kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom supplies), and insurances.

6 months Per week Monthly
Groceries (includes beer and wine) 2,803.45 107.83 467.24
Haircuts, pharmacy, medical, books, clothing, shoes, tools, bike insurance, fishing gear, souvenirs, website costs, laundry, misc 1,666.98 64.11 277.83
Cash unaccounted for* 1,636.68 62.95 272.78
Eating out 1,195.11 45.97 199.18
Diesel 1,122.37 43.17 187.06
Household 412.07 15.85 68.68
Attractions 720.80 27.72 120.13
Camper Parking 536.16 20.62 89.36
Telephones/internet 459.23 17.66 76.54
Camping Grounds 433.68 16.68 72.28
Repairs 431.13 16.58 71.86
Tolls 239.42 9.21 39.90
Transport 190.45 7.32 31.74
Gas 120.86 4.65 20.14
Accommodation 100.00 3.85 16.67
Net Total € 12,068.38 € 464.17 € 2,011.40


*                While living in Australia (for the past eight years) we were advising people of their budget and spending habits. We know for a fact that it is easy to not account for some small items, eg tips, donations, churches, a cake or coffee. We were surprised to see that we had such a large unaccounted for amount, ie €1,636.68. At home we would usually limit our cash to $25 per week, but this isn’t always possible while traveling.  We stayed in Turkey for five weeks and our spending was mainly cash, which makes up a large portion of this sum.

Therefore, we have decided to make a more concerted effort to record even the smallest amounts of money that we spend and will report back after the next six months, so stay tuned.

If you have any questions about our costs, please feel free to ask. We are happy to open our accounts up to further clarification and understanding.



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