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Who Are Alan and Ruth?

We are a  fun loving Kiwi (New Zealand) couple, travelling through Europe full-time in a motorhome named “Betsy“.

In 2017 we packed up our life in Australia where we’d been living for the past eight years and sent everything we owned back to New Zealand.  We then flew to Rome, Italy to pick up Betsy and begin the next and most exciting phase of our lives.  After two years on the road, we reckon we have learned loads about how to live in our mobile plastic box on wheels, still we are amazed at how often we pick up new tips from people we meet.  As everyone knows, it is far better to learn from other people’s mistakes than your own and we are so grateful to the motorhoming community for being so open and willing to share from their experience.

We took our love of cooking on the road with us and we take cooking lessons in many of the countries we visit.

We started this website as a way of sharing our travels, photographs, lessons, recipes,  and experiences with other motorhomers, friends, family and anyone else with an interest in what we are doing.

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Latest Stories

The Recent Political History of Hungary

October 23 1956 Stalin died in 1953 and the new chair of the Soviet party began a ‘de-stalinization’ process. The fact that this narcissistic power was now forced to admit past sins and mistakes filled people living in Hungary and other Soviet-controlled countries...

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Hungary’s 22 Wine Regions

Having been forearmed with the knowledge of Hungary’s twenty-two wine regions, it was always on our radar to seek out at least some of these areas and test out the wines for ourselves. Having grown up with a father who enjoyed wine-making himself, I had been taught...

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Poland – The Children of War

** WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT ** This video is a collection of photos taken around Warsaw during the 70th Anniversary of the start of World War II. The reason I've chosen to show this is to provoke thought, feelings, and anger towards war and terrorism of any kind and...

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