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Maaqouda Moroccan Potato DonughtsMaaqouda Moroccan Potato DonughtsWe tried these in Morocco, hot straight from the oil and gosh they were delicious. They are so easy to make that this recipe is sure to be a family favourite.
Amoul, a Moroccan Paste Made With Almonds, Honey and Argan OilAmlouHaving just bought some authentic Argan oil, I had to find out the best way to use this and came across an amazing recipe. It took me a while to make it up and now I wished I'd made it sooner. This is uber delicious. Next time I will add less Argan oil to have a consistency more like peanut butter than like a liquid.
Walnut and Date Tea Loaf CookedWalnut and Date Tea LoafThis recipe has been a favourite for years. It's best eaten warm with lashings of butter and of course with a cup of tea (or coffee). It lasts for up to three dates in a sealed container or it freezes well. It's not a big cake so you could easily double the recipe and if using an Omnia oven you must double the recipe otherwise it won't fill the mould.
Yummy Walnut and Date BallsWalnut and Date BallsWhen walnuts and dates are in abundance, like in Morocco, you will want to find some recipes to accommodate. This one has no added sugar and is rather delicious. This recipe couldn't be easier to make.
Couscous salad with sun dried tomatoes and rocketCouscous Salad with Sun Dried Tomato and FetaFor a quick delicious salad recipe, you can't go past this one. It's fresh, tasty and will impress your family and friends. You can make it ahead of time and it lasts really well in the fridge, without the feta and rocket, which can be added at the time of serving.
Sweet and Nutty Moroccan CouscousWe've been making this recipe for years and it has never let us down. When a local Moroccan man is impressed with our recipe it must be okay. It goes well with our Chicken and Date Tagine.
Moroccan Chicken and Date TagineThis recipe is my all time favourite tagine. The flavours develop beautifully and they sing in your mouth. If you have any left over heat it up the next day for a real treat. This recipe was originally seen on MasterChef Australia and here I've modified it slightly to make it quicker to prepare and to reduce the sweetness to my taste.
Beef and Prune TagineMoroccan Beef & Prune TagineWe learnt to cook this by our local Fes guide, Wafi. He bought all the ingredients and cooked in our neighbours motorhome at the camping ground.
Lemon CakeThis recipe from is delicious, moist and will stay fresh for days (providing you can keep fingers out). If you have to take a plate to friends, give this recipe a try and listen for the compliments. It's quick to prepare - especially if you can get the kids to help.
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