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Easy Hungarian GoulashWhile in Hungary, we tried and tasted many Goulash dishes from different restaurants. We also cooked a variety of recipes which included pork, Hungarian salami, and beef. This one was the easiest, healthiest, and most delicious of them all and I recommend you give this a try.
Thai Red Duck CurryWe've been cooking this delicious recipe for years and it never fails to deliver a smile on our faces. It's rather forgiving regarding the ingredients, for example while travelling throughout Europe it's been difficult to find kaffir lime leaves, chillies and pickled pepper corns, so we just left them out. We also substituted the palm sugar for ordinary white sugar.
Hungarian Goulash SoupWhen visiting the Hungarikum Bisztro we were given a booklet complete with their recipe for Goulash Soup. Here their mantra is to create a place where guests can truly feel like a guest would feel in their home, where the meals are prepared in a traditional authentic way. If you find yourself in Hungary and would rather dine out than make this, then visit them: Hungarikum Bisztro 1051 Budapest, Steindl Imre u. 13 +36 30 661 6244
Fruit ChutneyThis fruit chutney is the best you will find anywhere - money won't buy you something so tasty and it's so easy to make. I made just one quarter of this recipe which yielded one 545gm jar. Once opened put in the fridge. If left alone, it will last for months. Ours doesn't get a chance because it's so yummy on fresh bread or crackers with cheese.
Duck Breast a L’OrangeWhile in France we just had to make Duck a L'Orange. It takes a bit of prep time up front but the taste is soooo worth it. If you've never cooked duck before the key thing is resting after the cooking time. It helps to relax the meat and then slice the duck and arrange nicely on the plate between orange segments then drizzle over the delicious orange sauce. Bon appetit!
Maakouda Moroccan Potato DonughtsWe tried these in Morocco, hot straight from the oil and gosh they were delicious. They are so easy to make that this recipe is sure to be a family favourite.
AmlouHaving just bought some authentic Argan oil, I had to find out the best way to use this and came across an amazing recipe. It took me a while to make it up and now I wished I'd made it sooner. This is uber delicious. Next time I will add less Argan oil to have a consistency more like peanut butter than like a liquid.
Walnut and Date Tea LoafThis recipe has been a favourite for years. It's best eaten warm with lashings of butter and of course with a cup of tea (or coffee). It lasts for up to three dates in a sealed container or it freezes well. It's not a big cake so you could easily double the recipe and if using an Omnia oven you must double the recipe otherwise it won't fill the mould.
Walnut and Date BallsWhen walnuts and dates are in abundance, like in Morocco, you will want to find some recipes to accommodate. This one has no added sugar and is rather delicious. This recipe couldn't be easier to make.
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