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Aubergine Rolls (Involtini di Melanzane)While learning to cook Italian food in Palermo, Sicily, we realised just how yummy, easy, and inexpensive these are to make. They are also an easy thing to cook in the Omnia Oven while traveling in a Motorhome.
Cirkassian ChickenThis Turkish chicken dip recipe is my all time favourite dip. It's versatile and lasts for up to a week (if not scoffed beforehand) in the fridge. We learnt to make this at our Turkish Cooking Classes. At first I remember thinking that there were a lot of elements but if you can get past that thought it is so simple and your efforts will be well rewarded. Don't be afraid to experiment with the flavours as this recipe can be quite forgiving.
Hot Cross BunsThis is a traditional bun made with spices and eaten at Easter time in New Zealand. While travelling in Sicily at Easter we couldn't find these, so we made them ourselves. I hope you enjoy cooking and eating these Hot Cross Buns.
BorecikWe learned how to make these at Cookistan Cooking Class in Istanbul, Turkey. They are crunchy on the outside with tasty spicy meat filling, covered with yoghurt, butter, and mint. Don’t worry if you can’t find the Turkish dough, just use filo pastry instead.
Apple StrudelThis was cooked in an Omnia oven (in our Motorhome), but can be cooked in a standard oven. Thanks to Doreen from Germany for this recipe, first seen on Facebook in Omnia "Stovetop Oven" Cooking.
One Egg Chocolate CakeThis simple chocolate cake bakes perfectly in an Omnia Cooker on a gas burner and can last up to four days although in our experience rarely gets past 48 hours.
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