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Top Photos

This is a selection of top photos from our favourite places we have travelled to so far.

Top Photos from Morocco

Morocco is a land of many contrasts and beauties.  I felt I could only really capture the grandeur of the scenery with panoramic photos.

The Sahara Sand Dunes – Erg Chebbi

The dunes of the Sahara encroach into a small area of Morocco in the Erg Chebbi region, which has become a magnet for tourists.

Pre-Sunrise over Sahara Sand Dunes – Erg Chebbi

The light playing on the sand dunes changes rapidly as the sunrise approaches and the sky takes on a vivid orange/yellow hue such as I have never seen before.

Sunrise over Sahara Sand Dunes – Erg Chebbi

As the sun rises, the dunes display changing colours and shadows as can be seen below.

Lake, with Camels and Water Foul  – Mertzouga


Top Photos from Greece

Methoni Castle – the Bourtzi

The Bourtzi is a small fortress built by the Ottomans at the end of the Methoni Castle.  This view is through one of the castle windows.

The Patras Bridge

The bridge over the Gulf of Corinth near Patras, Greece at nearly 3km is the longest fully suspended, multi span cable bridge in the world. At night time, the lights make this look like a string of zombie alien space craft.

Albania Countryside

This photo was taken just past the Montenegro border crossing into Albania.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to spent time in this country but we do hope to return.  

This photograph is available for sale in high resolution from EyeEm.

Vourvourou Sunrise

The Chalkidiki peninsula, near Thessaloniki was one of the most beautiful spots we visited in Greece, and Vourvourou stood out for its natural beauty, serenity and the backdrop of Mt Athos.  We spent three days here virtually by ourselves and loved every minute.

This photograph is available for sale in high resolution from EyeEm.

Top Photos from Rome

Colosseum – Rome

Well we had to have at least one photo of this amazing architectural feat and here it is, showing everything that was below the floor of the stadium as well as the upper sections

The Vatican Museum

There were so many amazingly jaw droppingly good ceiling paintings in the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel that it is hard to identify our favourite photo.  This was just one photo of one small part.

Top Photos from France

Laon Cathedral, France

Laon is a gorgeous medievel town just north of Paris which had a great parking spot for motorhomes and was ideal for relaxing after the hustle and bustle of the capital.  The Cathedral is stunning and looks great from all angles and especially when lit up at night.

This photograph is available for sale in high resolution from EyeEm.

Svedjehamn, Finland

The Svedjehamn region in Finland is a UNESCO World Heritage site primarily due to it being a perfect example of the continental uplift that is happening in much of Scandinavia.  The prospect of rising ocean levels is not a problem here as the land is rising up to 6mm per year as the entire region pops back up after being squashed down in the last ice age.